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4496 Flat River Rd
Greene, RI, 02827
United States

Seed Saving

We save seed from some of the open-pollinated varieties we grow for the CSA. We save seed because it's a fun, beautiful, creative and practical part of farming. We breed for crops that thrive on our farm under our growing conditions. In the last 8 years, we have already noticed increases in resiliency, resistance to pest and disease pressure, vigor and cold-hardiness in several crops. These exciting developments lead us to have great hopes and goals for our old-school breeding in the years to come. Growing seed fits well with growing CSA vegetables, as we have diverse genetic populations from which to select the strongest traits for the next generations. Then we all can eat the fruits, roots or leaves of the plants that didn't make the cut!

We sell some bulk quantities of seed to commercial growers. We also donate seed to local community groups. For more info, email us.