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How to pay for your CSA using SNAP Benefits


We're still working on getting an EBT card reader! This is an exciting new step for us and will make paying for your share with SNAP way easier. If you will be paying with SNAP, fill out the online member contract. You can either mail a deposit of any amount if you can afford it, or just make a payment at the first pickup. We're also excited that through Farm Fresh RI's bonus bucks program any payment you make toward the CSA will be increased by 100% thanks to this program. Therefore, if you are paying with SNAP please select the midpoint of our sliding scale ($775 for full shares or $525 for half shares). You will actually pay only half of this price ($387.50 for full share or $262.50 for half share), with the grant funds making up the difference. This will allow our sliding scale to benefit those that do not have SNAP but are still in need of help affording the CSA. Thanks!