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4496 Flat River Rd
Greene, RI, 02827
United States

Growing Practices

We rely heavily on compost, cover crops, mulch, crop rotation, and minimizing tillage to maintain and build soil fertility.  We do not use any (organic or not) pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, ever.  We believe that healthy food comes from healthy soils, and have seen plants stand up to disease, pest, and weed pressure when they are grown in soil high in organic matter and where a rich diversity of insect predators, pollinators, worms, and beneficial microorganisms are encouraged to flourish.  We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our tillage, plant more cover crops, diversify, and improve our crop rotation. We take our customers' trust seriously and strive each day to grow the best-tasting, most nutritious food for our CSA members. Come visit and see how we do things!