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4496 Flat River Rd
Greene, RI, 02827
United States


What should I do if I can’t make it to CSA pickup?

Send a friend. Do nothing and we will donate the share to Rhode Islanders in need. Or call or text Ben, 862-7945, before pickup ends and have us set aside your share. I can either bring it to my house in Elmwood, or bring it back to the farm's walk-in cooler in Cranston.

Option 1: My home address is 78 Melrose St., Providence. I will leave the share on the front porch for collection after 9pm or Wednesday morning (I need time to pack up, return to the farm to unload and then come home. It's a long day.) My front porch is obviously not refrigerated so share quality may suffer if you don't grab your share by the following morning.

Option 2: The farm address is 35 Pippin Orchard Rd. Cranston. If you would like to grab your share later in the week I can bring it back to the farm and leave it in our shiny NEW walk-in cooler in a new location (see below) for you to collect. Let us know which of these you will be doing when you text.

3 free share pack-ups ONLY

As a new policy, we will begin charging an $8 fee per share for customers who request shares packed more than 3 times in a season.  The fee will be added to your total share balance and can be paid by cash or check. This fee accounts for our extra time and efforts to pack and transport your share on an already long and busy day!

How do I find the NEW walk-in cooler location at the farm?

Our cooler is now located to the left of the big dairy barn directly in front of you as you enter the driveway of 35 Pippin Orchard Rd. It's a shiny silver cube outside the south side of the barn surrounded by bright colored bins by a garage door. Standing outside the cooler, flip on the light to the left of the door. Pull open the unlocked door, and grab the brown paper bag with your name on it to the right of the door. If the door closes behind you, just push firmly to exit. Be sure to close the door firmly when you leave. Thanks. Questions call Ben 401-862-7945.

What happens if I forget to call and forget to pickup my share?

If you do not let us know before 7pm on pickup day your share will be donated- along with all our extra produce from pickup- to an after school gardening and nutrition class for low-income children in Olneyville, and to Food not Bombs, an organization that prepares soup for homeless people downtown. We may have an extra share packed that we can offer you but we may not.

How should I determine what to pay on the sliding scale?

We do not have specific guidelines for how much members should pay on the scale.  Please pay as much as you are able.  The idea is to make it possible for most people to join, and allow anyone who can pay on the higher end the opportunity to help us make it more affordable for those who can't afford to pay the suggested price. We find that half our members pay the suggested price, a quarter pay more and a quarter pay less.