What should I do if I can’t make it to CSA pickup?
Just call or text Katie, 351-4633 or Ben, 862-7945 before pickup ends and have us set aside your share.  It will be on the side of Carpenter St. in front of the recycling with your name on it
What can I do if I forget to call and forget to pickup my share?
Let us know, usually we will tell you to take some extra stuff the next week
Do you hold pickup on holidays?  Yes
How should I determine what to pay on the sliding scale?
We do not have guidelines for how much members should pay on the scale.  We feel that it doesn’t make sense to have a strict guide for how much people should pay because someone could have a very low income but not have very many other expenses and still have plenty of money to spend, or alternately another person could have a relatively higher income but have loans to pay off, other people to support, or need to pay a lot for medical insurance or something.  So, we leave it up to you to decide.  The idea is to make it possible for most people to join, and allow anyone who can pay on the higher end the opportunity to help us make it more affordable